General House Assumptions

The property is:

  • In an area free from flooding, and is not within 100 metres of any property or development, which has flooded
  • In an area free from subsidence and is not within 200 metres of any property or Development, which has been subject to Subsidence
  • In an area free from heave, landslip, coastal or river erosion
  • Maintained in a good state of repair
  • Not under construction, renovation, redecoration or extension
  • Not used to store commercial goods or used as the place of employment for any employee of your company or firm
  • Not left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days at any one time
  • Not regularly unoccupied at night

You or any member of your household has:

  • Not suffered any loss during the last 6 years from any of the events you wish to insure whether insured or not
  • Never had a proposal for insurance declined, renewal refused, cover terminated or special terms or conditions imposed by any insurer
  • Never been convicted of, or have any prosecution pending for an offence of any nature (this includes motoring and/or any criminal offences)

The proposer:

  • Will be contacted by email with their quote details during the quote process
  • May be contacted by email after the quote process and may unsubscribe at any stage by replying to the received email

If you cannot comply with all of these assumptions please contact us directly on 0402 45080

By checking the box below I am confirming that I have met all the assumptions above and that all information supplied and/or any future information provided in response to any questions asked will form the basis of the contract between Myself and the Insurer

I have read and accept the Privacy Statement and Terms of Business

Please tick this box if you allow us to contact you about other products, special offers & information by post, email, sms, phone and other electronic means.   

I have read and accept the Duty of Disclosure

I have read and accept the above Assumptions